The Advantages of Using a CMS Over Traditional HTML

One immediate advantage of using a CMS is having the option to use templates for your website. It’s nice because there are thousands to pick from, so you can design your website however you want. This is what I noticed and appreciate about WordPress; there are so many themes and templates to choose from. With traditional coding, you have to hand-code all of the specifications: fonts, layout dimensions, responsive coding, and more. Secondly, using a CMS is good for website management. If your website has multiple pages, or you plan to update it frequently, a CMS will make it easier to edit current pages, publish new ones, create online forms, or add a store online. This was also something I noticed in WordPress when looking around. WordPress also makes adding new content easy and is clearly labeled which I appreciate. This might be because I’m still new to coding, but while coding in traditional HTML, I always get my content mixed up especially if it has multiple pages. A third advantage of using a CMS is the ability to preview your site before publishing. The process is painless with just a click of a button. My only experience with a CMS is WordPress, and it makes the process easy and clear. With traditional coding, I always find it tedious to have to write the code, then open the html file in a browser after saving/uploading it. WordPress makes this process so much easier.