Artist Statement

Hello! My name is Kaylee, and I’m a graphic designer based in Minnesota. My goal by the end of my college career is to get employed as a Marketing Designer or Graphic Designer, although I might ultimately spread my horizons further. Some of my many passions include art, photography, animals, friends, and my family. I am very self-motivated, detail-oriented, and take pride in all of my work. My work in graphic design focuses on brand identity, digital illustration, poster design, and photography. I strive to create visually appealing designs that not only meet clients’ needs but also capture their imagination. Working with clients to bring their ideas to life and crafting beautiful visuals is my idea of a great day.

With a focus on bold visuals and innovative solutions, I put all my creative energy into every project. By employing up-to-date design practices and technologies, I’m exploring the world of digital design and innovation by creating eye-catching visuals. Each artwork is a new time for me to explore how colors, shapes, and images can be used creatively.

I’m passionate about bringing creative moments to life and creating connections through digital art. I love pushing creative boundaries by exploring new mediums and experimenting with unique ideas. From stunning digital illustrations to unique brand designs, I keep my audience engaged and inspired.

I strive to make my work stand out, both visually and conceptually, and I look forward to creating art in the future.